European Inspiration

The importance of sharing food and wine with my overseas teammates became a necessity in the first week of meetings. We often didn’t speak the same language so true verbal communication was minimal. After a lot of hand gestures and Google translation sentences, we would make plans to meet for dinner, often at someone’s home. There would always be an abundance of wine and food, so much laughter, and loud conversations in multiple languages which, through this moment, a bond would be formed with these strangers. Over food. Over wine. Before I knew it, these strangers became my overseas family.

So often during these experiences, I would think, “this is what it’s all about.” The sacrifices as a professional athlete, the pressure, the moments away from home — this is what makes it worth it. Connecting with strangers all over the world. And the beautiful and mesmerizing part of that is it’s possible. For individuals with different backgrounds, with vastly different stories, who look differently, believe in many different things — can form a strong and unique bond.

This is what I want to create in Valley Commons.

To me, European influence is a reminder to slow down. To look for that connection between myself and others and myself and the world. An invitation to invigorate my senses and pay attention to what my body and mind are trying to share with me.

I see our vineyards as our backyard garden. Planted firmly in the earth, tended with care, grown and nurtured. Everything from our wine making process to how we welcome you into our Valley Commons tasting room is done with intention.

These beautiful, unique cultures celebrate the art of living through their wine and food. It is the catalyst for connection and friendship which is why our tagline is “Where We Gather,” which is proudly displayed front and center of our brand.

Long, leisurely evenings spent with amazing food and a few bottles of wine, sharing stories and encouragement over a table is something that we never forget. So let’s build that into our everyday lives

— with the help of a little European inspiration.