The Perfect Autumn Table

How to create the perfect autumn table with entrepreneur and mother, Sophie Collins

The Perfect Autumn Table – our conversation with Sophie Collins

Tell us about who you are and how you spend your days. What are some things that are important to you?

Hi! My name is Sophie Collins. I am a mother to Liam and Charlie and live in Vancouver with my husband. I share my recipes, lifestyle tips and even pilates workouts with the underlying mission to help others feel their best.

I began my personal wellness journey after graduating from my MBA and truthfully, it began in vain. But I noticed that eating mindfully, working out, and dabbling in meditation made me feel my best, and this drove me to continue.

Years later, you can still find me setting my alarm at 6AM to get in my meditation & pilates (I recently started sharing my workouts) – walking 10,000 steps per day and making healthy yet delicious recipes. I have also taken on a role as co-chair of the Young Women’s Council which aims to support the BC Women’s Health Foundation by fostering a broader, bolder dialogue on women’s health. It is comprised of young professionals who identify as women, are leaders in their community, and have a passion for advancing the full spectrum of women’s health.

It was after my own labour, delivery and postpartum experience that I knew how important it was to give back.

Last but not least, I am the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of One Wednesday, a female-founded company that creates high quality yet attainable products to elevate your everyday life.

As a busy entrepreneur and mother, what do you do to take care of yourself?

My morning routine is crucial to me. I always start my day with 30 minutes of movement and pilates. And my collagen coffee! You can find this recipe in my ebook.

How do you bring the beauty of lush British Colombia to your modern table?

I love bringing greens, flowers and even herbs and veggies from our garden to garnish the table.

What are your favourite ways to connect with your friends and loved ones?

Over a great meal and a glass of wine, of course!

Valley Commons connects the regions of British Columbia, bringing a metropolitan taste from the bounties of the South Okanagan and Fraser Valley. If you could transport your table to anywhere in BC, where would it be?

Hmmm, probably Bowen Island or Whistler. I love the quiet of the the island but I love the air in Whistler. But home is our Vancouver Farmhouse and where I entertain most.

What is your go-to fall recipe when cooking for guests?

Probably one of the mains from my 5 day reset ebook! I think the fish en papillote. I also love a classic Chicken Marbella.

What Valley Commons wine will be the centre piece at your autumn table?

I love all the reds. Especially for fall.
What tips do you have for other home cooks that want to elevate their table this season?

  • keep it simple. Pick one center dish and have other bring sides or buy them!
  • keep it thematic. Wine tasting party? Have everyone bring a wine and you supply the cheese! Squash season? Use the veggies as centerpieces and even serving-ware to keep it fun!
  • always play a killer playlist, bonus points if it’s vinyl!
  • make everything ahead as much as possible so you can enjoy the evening
  • enjoy the process! I love starting a dinner party brainstorming session with all my cookbooks and a big mug of collagen coffee or glass of wine to get inspired