Highlighting Nature in Urban Spaces

September 10, 2021 — Valley Commons

Artist Meghan Bustard brings vibrant, moody abstract landscapes to her canvases.

Highlighting Nature in Urban Spaces – our conversation with Meghan Bustard

Tell us about who you are and how you spend your days . What are some things that are important to you?

Hi! I’m Meghan. I’m an abstract artist in Vancouver BC. I spend most of my time painting in my studio, or hanging out with my husband and kids, usually at a beach, along a trail, or at a cafe in our neighbourhood. A couple evenings a week I like to get together with friends at a wine bar, or share a bottle in someone’s home, or head to the ocean for an evening swim. I feel lucky to live somewhere that such a variety of things are possible! 

How do you bring the beauty of lush British Columbia to an urban setting?

My paintings are all inspired by nature; they’re abstract landscapes really, though not in the traditional sense. Shapes, lines, colours, and emotions of the outdoors all inform my work as I try to distill down the essence of BC’s various spaces. In this way I bring some of BC’s wild beauty into the urban setting of people’s homes: the deep blue/gray of the ocean at dusk on Bowen Island, the varying greens of the North shore mountains in a morning fog, the pastels of a Penticton sunset. 

What are your favourite ways to connect with your loved ones?

I’ve always loved connecting with loved ones in the outdoors, or around good food and drink.  A hike or an evening picnic with friends/family by the ocean with charcuterie and wine is about as good as it gets for me. 

Valley Commons reflects many regions of British Columbia, by utilizing the bountiful agriculture from both the Fraser Valley and Okanagan to make wine. How do your paintings reflect the places you’ve been?

Each painting pulls from spaces I’ve encountered: a line, a colour, a calm or energy. I always want a painting to prompt a similar feeling or emotional response to that which being in whatever spot it’s born out of creates. 

As a Vancouverite, what does it mean to you when the public shops local?

It means everything! I’m so honoured to be part of a community who truly care so much about shopping local as much as possible. It makes for such a rich and connected city and community. 

How does wine fit into your lifestyle as an artist?

One of my favourite ways to spend an evening is with friends, sharing a bottle of good wine. Wine making is such an art and I’ve really enjoyed delving further into the expanding BC wine scene over the last few years. There’s so much creativity going on and I love trying out what winemakers are trying and making each season! 

After a long day of working in the studio, what Valley Commons wine are you reaching for?

Definitely the Pinot Gris! 


Find Meghan on social @meghanbustard_art and her equisite art on her website www.meghanbustard.com

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