The Unexpected Picnic

The Unexpected Picnic – how to create a Valley Commons experience in an urban setting, with art director and graphic designer, Lucy Yun.

The Unexpected Picnic – our conversation with Lucy Yun

Tell us about who you are and how you spend your days. What are some things that are important to you?

My name is Lucy Yun and I am an entrepreneur, immigrant and fashion lover. I have my own business, Lucy Yun Marketing Solutions d.b.a. Lucky Lucy Creative where I offer services in Art Direction, Set + Graphic Design and Marketing. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my significant other, Paul, snuggling with him or sharing homemade meals, and also hanging out with my friends checking out the newly opened cafes and restaurants.

How do you and your brand bring the beauty of lush British Columbia to an urban setting?

Living in beautiful Vancouver, there is an abundance of natural beauty so finding that perfect natural spot for the outdoor photoshoot is easy.

What are your favourite ways to connect with your loved ones?

An intimate dinner, coffee and an alcoholic bevy!

What are your ‘must-have’ picnic sips and snacks?

Fruits, chips and Valley Commons 😉

Valley Commons connects the regions of British Columbia, bringing a metropolitan taste from the bounties of the South Okanagan and Fraser Valley. What’s the perfect setting for your picnic?

When the tide goes way out on Spanish Banks on a hot summer day.

What’s your favourite Vancouver take-out dish to pair with Valley Commons?

Korean Fried Chicken (ordered from B-B-Q or Nene).

How can your audience make their picnics more Instagram-worthy?

While you’re at the shop getting supplies, pick up some flowers; that and some nice wine glasses.

Find Lucy on social @beyunique and her website