Wellness and Wine

August 6, 2021 — Valley Commons

Hailey Perry, a fitness guru, pelvic floor specialist and pilates instructor, believes in finding balance in all aspects of your life

Wellness and Wine – our conversation with Hailey Perry


Tell us about who you are and how you spend your days?

I’m a pelvic floor physiotherapist, pilates instructor, and lover of all things wellness and wine. I spend most of the weekdays in the clinic working with athletes and pregnant individuals alike! After work I am always finding new ways to sweat through spin, running, yoga, pilates, weight lifting – you name it! I love finishing the day by making a healthy dinner and having a glass of wine!

What are your favourite ways to connect with your loved ones?

The past year has made us enjoy in person quality time so much! we love going on hikes and beach walks together to sweat while spending refreshing quality time together!

What are your top wellness tips for those new to the world of health & wellness?

My top tip for getting started in health & wellness is to find what you love, and do what you love! We live in a world of so many opportunities and choices, and I strongly believe in using this to our advantage when it comes to our wellness routines. I always recommend trying many different workouts – spin, pilates, yoga, strength training alone or with a friend, running, or hiking. Find out which activity you actually look forward to and then do that form of exercise a few times a week to get started in a workout routine. I believe this same principle carries over to a healthy diet; try tons of recipes and foods to figure out your favourite fruits, veggies, and dishes!


How do you practice balance in your life?

I have learned a lot about balance in the past few years of life! For me personally, balance looks like turning inwards and understanding what my body needs in any given moment or day. Sometimes my body and mind need the discipline of getting up at 6am to run. Sometimes my soul needs the space to stay up having a glass of wine and laughing with friends and sleeping in the next morning. Recently, balance has been getting out of what I feel like I “should” be doing and instead focusing more of what I feel like I need to be focused and happy!

How do you fit wine into your wellness and healthy-living lifestyle?

Wine is one of my favourite drinks to socialize with or curl up with on the couch and read a book with! I typically have a glass or two of wine on the weekend evenings and stay away from alcohol during the week – this is how I’ve found my balance with alcohol but everyone’s balance may look different. Many of our friends also love wine, so finding and sharing great bottles of wine has become something we all bond over!

After a long day of working with clients and keeping active, what Valley Commons wine are you reaching for?

I am a Pinot noir girl through and through! A lovely red to drink on rainy evenings but still light enough to have during the warmer months! 

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